Idea 2 Image Methodology

Idea 2 Image methodology follows these steps:

  1. Questionnaire
  2. Discovery and analysis
  3. Concept and theme development
  4. Creative execution
  5. Testing
  6. Distribution
  7. Tracking and adjustment

Every client engagement at Idea 2 Image begins with a questionnaire specific to the objectives of the project. It serves as the foundation for all subsequent account activity.

Discovery and analysis follows with an assessment and procurement of available assets, measurement of brand equity and organization of existing and required content.

Creative occurs in two parts: concept and theme development or the words and pictures that will constitute the final result; and the execution or build-out of the final marketing material.

Testing involves confirming the approach and/or technical verification of the chosen media. Distribution is the action that delivers the message — web, print or social.

Once in place, results and reactions from the market can be documented and resulting refinements usually ensue.

One overall theme at Idea 2 Image: we never forget we work for you — multiple checkpoints ensure there are no surprises at any point in the process, and expectations are met.